Friday, August 17, 2012

Supposed for São Paulo - Contemporary Counterfeits

"What's good for the goose..."
The overstriking of Spanish 8 reales and revaluation to 960 reis produced a profit for the Portuguese crown in Brazil. The silver coins were purchased at the going rate of about 750 reis, and then issued at a value of 960 reis, a 25-28% increase for each coin. Multiplied by the millions of coins struck turns out a tidy profit for the kingdom. Around 1814, someone, or a group of someones, got the idea to do the same: restrike Spanish 8 reales as 960 reis and profit.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

1809 Patterns

The 1809 960 Reis Patterns

As mentioned in a previous post, there is only one 1809 960R in existence, currently residing at the Central Bank of Brazil Museum. However, from time to time at auctions there will appear some sort of pattern 960 reis, dated 1809. For example, in 2002, a silver pattern and a copper pattern sold in the Goldberg auction of the Irving Goodman Collection and a copper example in this year's (Aug, 2012) Stacks ANA auction. What are these patterns and where did they come from? The interesting story behind their origin is closely related to why the 960 Reis have their characteristic overstrike visibility.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Strike Quality

One of the most typical characteristics that comes to mind when one thinks of 960 Reis is the overstriking and visibility of the host coin. Strike quality is the determining factor in this. A very good strike might leave only the faintest shadow of the undertype, hardly visible even to experienced collectors, some strikes might leave the 960R design totally obliterated with much of the undertype left untouched, while some strikes leave the majority of the 960R design and still maintain excellent undertype visibility.

960 Reis Glossary

Here is a dictionary of terminology used about 960 Reis. Terms that are used in other numismatic contexts are given details specific to 960 Reis.

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In September 1808, Dom João declared that circulating Spanish 8 reales, valued on the market at 750 to 800 reis, be counterstamped to make them official coinage of Brazil, and at the same time raising the accepted value to 960 reis. This created a profit for the Royal family, helping to fund the costs of the Kingdom. At first, the ability to counterstamp was limited to the state Minas Gerais, struck from 1808-1809, later including the state of Mato Grosso from 1818-1821.

Collecting 960 Reis

How are 960 Reis collected?

There are few series of U.S. coins the contain the breadth of variety found in 960 Reis. In addition to collecting by Type and Date, some series do contain a substantial following of Variety collectors. 960 Reis adds Overstrikes to that list, which is like adding date, mintmark and assayer varieties found in the Spanish 8 reales series to the 960 Reis set!

A Brief Intro to 960 Reis

What is the story behind 960 Réis coins?

The 960 reis (pronounced 'heysh' [or 'heys', depending on accent]) coin of Brazil is a unique, fascinating example of numismatic history. It can easily be said to be the most popular and well-known collectible coin of Brazil, comparable to the US Morgan Dollar. In the same manner as the Morgan, the 960 reis contains many die varieties, errors and true rarities. They can be collected by type, date, variety, error and uniquely to the 960 reis, by overstruck coin. Heritage Auctions has described the 960 in this way:
"The prolific issue of the 960 Reis is undoubtedly one most interesting, charismatic and collected issues in the world. With its incredible variety of mint marks, die types, host coins, one can spend a lifetime researching and collecting just the issue and rarely come across similar coins! The issue of 1819 from the Rio Mint, for instance, has over 200 die varieties alone, couple that with the hundreds of different host coins used as planchets and you have thousands of different possible combinations!"


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